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Arkansas Cancer Coalition

The Arkansas Cancer Coalition (ACC), Arkansas’ statewide comprehensive cancer control partnership, is a network of cancer control members and organizations united around a common goal: reduce the human suffering and economic burden from cancer for the citizens of Arkansas.
Together, we:

Arkansas Cancer Plan
The Arkansas Cancer Plan serves as an outline for what can and should be done at state and local levels to prevent, detect and provide care for cancer. It identifies activities for coordinated action by government, the private sector and the non-profit sector, as well as the communities and people of Arkansas. This plan identifies ways to implement and improve cancer control strategies in these areas:

Arkansas Cancer Plan



Making evidence-based practices in prevention, early detection and care available to all Arkansans can dramatically reduce the burden of cancer in our state. Here are just a few examples of programs that address the cancer continuum in Arkansas:

Annual Arkansas Cancer Summit
ACC sponsors a yearly summit to highlight and discuss the state’s comprehensive cancer plan.

Arkansas Cancer Plan Grants
ACC provides support and funding for organizations that coordinate and advance proven cancer control strategies based on the Arkansas Cancer Plan.

Coalition Engagement
Coalition members share their expertise, insight, perspectives, opportunities and resources. It is this dynamic collaboration that will lead to Arkansas’ next big breakthrough in cancer control, and why ACC is committed to increasing member communication and participation through our calendar of events, committees, newsletters, social media portals and websites.

Quarterly Meetings
These meetings are a high point for our board, members and staff as we gather, network and share important program activities. During this time, ACC shares important announcements on upcoming funding opportunities and partners share presentations about programs in their communities.

ACC training takes many different forms, including conferences, workshops and webinars. This training is geared to providing new skill sets and solutions, and sharing best practices on evidence-based programs around the state. In addition, we actively promote training offered by our members.

Work Groups
ACC relies entirely on the expertise of our work groups to develop or update the Arkansas Cancer Plan, and to plan and execute program activities. Work groups provide an opportunity for partners with similar interests to come together to develop, implement and evaluate programs. Joining a work group is a sure way to learn more, to get engaged and to put your unique experience and education to work!

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