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Body Art FAQs

Q: Are body art artists and shops licensed in Arkansas?

Answer: Tattoo, permanent cosmetic, body piercing and branding artists are required to be licensed in Arkansas. A complete packet of information pertaining to license requirements is available on request

Q: What are the requirements in Arkansas to obtain an artist license for tattooing, body piercing or permanent cosmetics?

Answer: Specific Requirements for Body Art Licensure

Q: What type of sterilization equipment is required for tattoo establishments?

Answer: An approved steam pressure type autoclave and approved autoclave packaging is currently required and must be in a decontamination area unless all equipment used in the establishment is pre-packaged, pre-sterilized and all disposable.

Q: Are mobile tattoo units approved in Arkansas?

Answer: Mobile units must meet all of the requirements of the current Rules and Regulations and provide adequate facilities for storage of liquid waste and a potable water system under pressure. All liquid waste must be discharged into an approved sanitary sewage disposal system.

Q: Is there an annual license fee for body art artists or shops?

Answer: Act 596 of 2013 requires a $150 annual shop fee and a $100 annual artist fee which expire on December 31st of each year along with a current yearly blood borne pathogen certificate and a renewal application. It also requires a $50 convention or guest artist fee which expires 14 days after issuance.

Act 266 of 2003

Is body piercing regulated in Arkansas?

Answer: Act 596 of 2013 also addresses body piercing as a form of body art and requires the use of only ASTM certified jewelry for initial piercings.

Act 596 of 2013

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