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Ryan White FAQs

Q: What is the Ryan White Care Program?

Answer: The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program helps people with HIV/AIDS who have nowhere else to turn for the care they need. If you are HIV-positive, you can get medications, medical care, mental health services, dental services, reimbursement for transportation to and from the doctor’s office and other services — even if you do not have the money or health insurance (or if the insurance you may have is inadequate) to pay for those services.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is a U.S. Government program that provides funds to State and local governments and agencies that in turn provide doctor's care, HIV/AIDS medications and many other services to people who do not have health insurance or funds to pay for the HIV care they need. Core medical services include:

Ryan White funds cannot be provided directly to individuals.

Ryan White Legislation Information

Q: Am I Eligible?

Answer: To be eligible to receive health and dental care, medications, and other health-related services through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, you must

In some cases, your family members can receive services through a Ryan White program focused on women, infants, children, and youth, even though they are not diagnosed with HIV.

If you think you or your family members may be eligible, see the Ryan White Community map and accompanying SAC contact information list to contact a Ryan White agency in your area.

Q: How Do I Start Getting Care?

Answer:  When you are put in contact with the nearest Ryan White service access center you will be assisted in completing the necessary application paperwork to determine if you are eligible for Ryan White care. Usually, a case manager or benefits counselor in the agency will sit down with you and ask about your medical and other needs. Arkansas Department of Health will help determine what you are eligible for, based upon your health condition, income and resources.

Case managers and benefits counselors know what services are available and can help you get care. Their services are free.

Q: How Do I Pay for Care?

Answer: What you pay for your health care mostly depends on whether you have your own health insurance and how much income and resources you have. If you do not have health insurance and have a very low income, you may not have to pay very much for the care you need.

In some cases, however, you may have to pay for some of the costs. For example, you may have to pay a certain amount for each prescription drug or for each doctor's visit. Your case manager can help you 

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