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Arkansas Immunization Information System

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What is WebIZ?

The ADH IIS (WebIZ) is statewide centralized repository of immunization information in Arkansas. WebIZ provides advances such as bi-directional, real-time data exchange, designed to meet the meaningful use requirements of today. WebIZ functions as the data backbone of the ADH immunization program, serves as a resource for medical providers, and supports public health preparedness activities. 


WebIZ is a confidential computer-based information system that collects and selectively discloses information to authorized persons about the identity, demographics, and vaccination history of persons in the State of Arkansas. WebIZ is the official state record for the state of Arkansas.

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WebIZ is designed to provide assistance to immunization programs in identifying populations at high risk for vaccine-preventable diseases and target interventions and resources more effectively and efficiently.  WebIZ combines immunization information from different sources into a single record and serve as official documentation that the individual can use to meet school, day care, and employment vaccination requirements.  In addition, WebIZ possesses strategic tools to assist immunization programs in efforts to increase vaccination coverage rates across the geopolitical areas they cover, including:

  1. To enroll in WebIZ, please click the appropriate link to submit a WebIZ enrollment ticket:
  2. WebIZ Clinical Site  
  3. WebIZ School Site    


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For more information, please submit a ticket to or call the Arkansas WebIZ help desk at 1-800-574-4040, Option 1.

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