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Healthy Communities

Physical Activity

We believe a combination of environmental, systematic and personal lifestyle changes can help Arkansans achieve the national guidelines for physical activity. Click here for more information.

Blue and You Fitness Challenge

Every spring, the Department of Health encourages employees, schools and worksites across the state to increase cardiovascular activity by means of the Blue and You Fitness Challenge. For a three-month period, March 1 - May 31, individuals and teams exercise along a virtual map of the United States through 30 checkpoints. In order to complete the challenge, participants must exercise at least three times per week.   For more information, or to get involved, visit the Blue and You Fitness Challenge website. Also link to resources page

Built Environment

The “built environment” refers to structures, surroundings, buildings, infrastructure and spaces constructed by humans. A well-designed built environment can influence health, safety, and economic development by making healthy choices convenient for residents.

Results of Improving Built Environment

Health - Communities with bicycle lanes, sidewalks, healthy food venues and outdoor recreation areas provide residents with a built environment which makes healthy choices easier.

Safety - In addition to promoting physical activity, communities can increase public safety through changes to the built environment. Communities with vibrant downtowns and gathering spots invite citizens to mingle and increase a sense of safety and community. 

Economic Development - North Little Rocks’ Argenta District is an example of how positive changes to the built environment can spur economic growth.  Located just off the River City Trail, the Argenta built environment will impact the economic development by slowing traffic down in front of businesses and producing a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere for shoppers. 

Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention (ARCOP)

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) provides guidance, support and expertise to the Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention. This partnership enhances ARCOP’s mission to improve the health of all Arkansas communities by increasing physical activity, healthy eating and obesity prevention.

Projects focus on the Growing Healthy Communities (GHC) initiative, which brings together individuals, companies and organizations to recognize that a healthy community is a better community on virtually every measure of success. Click here for more information.

Physical Activity Resources

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