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Is there Lead in my Drinking Water?

A pamphlet that provides tips for families to reduce the risk of lead exposure from drinking water in the home.

Lead Results for Community Water Systems

Community and non-transient public water systems are required to test the drinking water for lead.  Lead is not in the source water but can enter the homeowner’s tap from the plumbing in the home if the water is corrosive.  Water systems collect samples from residences and submit them to the State Health Lab to be analyzed.  The homes sampled are selected based on certain criteria, such as age and plumbing materials.  The population determines the number of samples required for each water system.  A result called the 90th Percentile is calculated from the tap samples.   If the 90th Percentile is greater than the action level, or greater than 15 parts per billion lead, the water system must “take action” to reduce the corrosiveness of the water.  If the action level is exceeded, the water system is required to monitor more often.

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