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Mammography Program

The Arkansas Department of Health strives to promote the health of the public and provide health protection. The Mammography Program contributes to this mission by improving mammography quality through the enforcement of regulations and quality standards. The program is committed to providing personalized service to the people of Arkansas and to the medical professionals that the Mammography Program regulates and accredits. The program communicates the importance of complying with mammography regulations in order to provide a foundation for the development and maintenance of mammography programs that are of the highest quality. By ensuring the delivery of quality mammography services, the program improves the health of the people of Arkansas through early detection of breast cancer.

Below are useful links in the areas of Quality Standards, Accreditation, Certification, and Policy Guidance, as well as many of the forms necessary to maintain compliance with both State and Federal requirements.

Please see the X-ray Program’s Vendor page for vendor requirements and registration.

Accreditation Application and Guide
Criteria for Evaluating Clinical Images
MQSA Regulations 
FDA Policy Guidance Help System
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